Piano playing - best way to start Your acquaintance with music. And it's never to late. To start. To refresh.

It is much more than a hobby – when human learn how to focus their energy and attention to achieve musical goals, they acquire self-mastery that can be applied to all aspects of their life.


                                                     INDIVIDUAL PIANO LESSONS FOR KIDS

A goal of piano lessons - easily and funny, development of child creativity and imagination through cognition of spectacular musical word. From the first lesson, child is able to play simple melody. Using the correct and adapted techniques and training  strategies, within a relatively short period is possible to achieve an exellent results.

Main objectives and goals:

  • Professional teaching. Carefully selected methodology focuses on the student's  individual capabilities and needs.
  • Development of child's creativity and imagination, self-confidence, taught respect for themselves and the teacher.
  • Training of student concentration and coordination skills.  
  • Included music theory, history and performance technologies, musical terminology.
  • Innovative teaching methods - ABRSM grades system, Step by step method.


                                                   INDIVIDUAL PIANO LESSONS FOR ADULTS

Piano lessons for beginners and advanced students.